Billy Preston - “‘Round in Circles” (1973)

Happy birthday to the late, great Billy Preston.

This is the same narrative we always hear from the authorities. First, we must submit to their control; then they will address our concerns. All the problems we face, they insist, are caused by our refusal to cooperate. This argument sounds most persuasive when it is dressed up in the rhetoric of democracy: those are “our” laws we should shut up and obey—“our” cops who are shooting and gassing us—“our” politicians and leaders begging us to return to business as usual. But to return to business as usual is to step daintily over the bodies of countless Michael Browns, consigning them to the cemetery and oblivion. — What They Mean when They Say Peace (via ninjabikeslut)

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Casual fridays arent allowed in the office after last weeks ‘incident’

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Alabama Shakes - I Aint The Same (2013)

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Sitar Soul - Phil Upchurch ‎(Lovin’ Feeling, 1973)


Blind Willie Johnson -Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed

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Albert Collins - Baby What You Want Me To Do

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ArtistAlbert Collins
TitleBaby What You Want Me To Do
AlbumAlive & Cool
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George Jones

"My Baby Left Her Jinglin’ John For Foldin’ Fred"

(Dallas Frazier)


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ArtistGeorge Jones
TitleMy Baby Left Her Jinglin' John
AlbumSings The Songs Of Dallas Frazier
Album Art

João Gilberto & Stan Getz - Eu Vim da Bahia

ArtistJoão Gilberto/Stan Getz
TitleEu Vim da Bahia
AlbumThe Best of Two Worlds